Learn to Love Rainy Weather Camping With These 5 Tips

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the rainy season is right around the corner. But we don’t let a little water keep us from spending time outdoors -- and you shouldn't either. With a bit of planning and the right tools, it's easy to enjoy more time outside, even when the rain begins to fall.

1. Bring Two Tarps 

Nylon-blend tarps offer the most durability for wet camping conditions. Hang one by ropes over your tent when you set up. The bigger the tarp, the better. It'll give you more space to roam around while staying dry.

Keep another tarp beneath your tent to prevent water from seeping in. 

2. Invest in a portable dehumidifier

Once everything is wet outside, it's only a matter of time before it feels damp and stuffy inside of your tent. Consider placing a portable dehumidifier inside of your tent before you zip up for the night. This, along with proper ventilation, should keep internal condensation to a minimum.

3. Choose your campsite wisely

If you're camping during the rainy season, select a site that is on high, flat ground, with lots of trees to rig up the tarp. In case of flooding, steer clear of rivers, lakes, and streams.

4. Protect your valuables

While you're rushing to get into rain gear, your camera and cell phone could be in trouble. Come prepared by carrying any valuables that could be damaged by water in water-proof bags. It's better to have them in there already, then to suddenly be searching for water protection as the rain starts. 

5. Bring the right blanket   

Here at Belmont Blanket, we consider ourselves experts in wet weather camping. We love the sound of rain falling on our tent, and the misty mornings that follow. That's why we designed a blanket that holds up and keeps campers warm in wet weather. The Legacy Blanket is made with waterPROOF fabric on one side, and Pendleton wool to keep you warm and cozy on the other.

Don't wait around for sunshine. Embrace the rainy season, do your campground research, and go prepared. If you don't already love rainy season camping as much as us, you'll learn to!

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