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We are designing and producing products that work for the modern urban adventurer. We are consumers living in the PNW that grew tired of our 2 historic options: expensive technical apparel and soft goods with boring color palettes or snappy designs that had little to no technical merit.
We have committed ourselves to making modern designs with a heritage quality here in Portland, Oregon. We source the best possible fabrics from 4 mills around the world. All of our products will hold these values:
  • waterPROOF and washable (#adventuretails products are not washable)
  • feels great
  • hand built in Portland, Oregon 
Belmont Blanket identified 3 categories where design innovation was in need:
  • Adventure Blanket: Many companies market blankets as waterproof however they only have a DWR coating. There do exist a few waterproof versions yet most are rough feeling, NOT made the USA and not washable. How can an outdoor blanket not be washable?
  • Adventure Cape: There many beautiful capes in the world yet none found use waterPROOF fabric. Ponchos do exist however they look like a trash bag and don't do much to provide warmth.
  • Adventure Dog: Co-developed as a set for the urban adventurer (pet owner), we have developed 3 products integrating heritage quality fabrics from Scotland and tested for nearly 6 months in the toughest (and best) dog lab we could find. The pet products market is flooded in most every category. Most of those products are made overseas and rarely do any of them have an authentic heritage quality.


Belmont Blanket originally chartered itself to produce the best all purpose blankets [ever].

All HELLAGOOD and The Legacy blankets possesses 3 main value points:

  • waterPROOF (and washable): Water resistant means you will likely get wet in 10 minutes versus immediately. Every person from PNW knows this.
  • Feel (and look) brilliant: In the 21st century, there is every reason that blankets should have a plush feel and perform.
  • Portland (Oregon) Made: Every blanket is hand cut and hand sewn in Portland, Oregon.


Tired of going to shows and leaving with 'wet butt,' I created Belmont Blanket to solve that problem. The fabrics we found after 1 year of research support the above value points and have proven to be useful for:

  • All 4 seasons, indoor and outdoor
  • Rain cover or wet ground cover
    • Waterproof, breathable fabric rated 10,000/5,000
  • Beach, camping, blanket/comforter replacement for air flight and hotel comforters, game day, kids sports, pets, picnics, festivals and shows

Blanket manufacturers haven't introduced anything new in ages. We chartered ourselves to redesign the blanket concept and eliminate characteristics that befuddle us such as:

  • use of down feathers: Why in this day and age major brands create products that require hurting or killing birds for the use of their feathers. We know some companies claim to stop buying feathers from suppliers that pull feathers from live birds...oh! so they just kill them instead. Why do so many vegans run around with down puffy jackets and down comforters?
  • wool: Besides the fact that most is itchy and smells when it gets wet, owners must take them to the dry cleaners to maintain. We only use washable wool in our blankets. Good luck getting the dog hair out of your wool blankets.
  • durability: most blankets are not that durable. We tested our blankets by letting car and buses with chains on run over the HELLAGOOD blankets in dirty, nasty snow slush covered streets in Portland, Oregon in December 2016.


My first job out of college was working nights and weekends in a high end apparel store named Mark Shale. I was exposed to fine textiles and people that understood the experience fabric and design can provide.

After moving to Portland 5 years ago, I found massive inspiration from a local company called Tanner Goods. I used to pass by their facility on Broadway and was fascinated that a company could produce super high quality leather goods with local labor at competitive price points. From there, I soon discovered other magical maker startups like Wood and Faulk, Portland Growler, Clayhaus Ceramics, Frankie and Coco and many others. The fact is Nike, Columbia Sports, Pendleton Woolen Mills were all small start up maker businesses at one time.

Most recently, I took a sewing class at ADX Portland and followed that up with private lessons from Klum House. I proved I could design and sew prototypes, so I started Belmont Blanket to design and make the best ever all purpose blankets commonly known as the #adventureblanket.

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