Blankets, capes and dog products for the Urban Adventurer. 

Premium Fabrics Sourced from Around the World that are waterPROOF and feel great. Handbuilt in Portland, Oregon.

Which #adventureblanket?


The most versatile blanket known to date: waterPROOF, washable, furry fleece feels amazing and hand built in Portland, OR.

Sit on it, cover for when it rains, wrap up when it's windy, take to the beach or camping and certainly use inside by the fire or as a vegan blanket (no birds killed for this product).

The Legacy - P

Brilliant double layer blankets made with Pendleton 100% wool fabric (washable) and a melange style waterPROOF layer. Never have wool blankets been so functional and still wondrous. These too are waterPROOF, washable, feel and look amazing and hand cut and sewn in Portland, Oregon.

Currently use Pendleton wool fabric as our primary source for the wool side and stitch together with our proprietary woven waterproof outer layer.


Similar to The Legacy P blankets however we integrate a technical wool fabric (vs wool). This material is super soft yet works like wool.

A bit more cost efficient than luxury wool and a touch more durable too. You can wash and dry these blankets and they will get better each time.

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