Adventure Dog

Waterproof Lightweight Dog Blankets

6+ months in development with an expert dog handler in Portland, Oregon, we are offering 3 innovative waterproof lightweight dog blankets and dog products to compliment any dog-loving urban adventurer's lifestyle. Applying our 3 core product values, waterproof, feels great and hand built in Portland, Oregon, we are proud of our collaboration with Oregon Tails and Jonathan Czinder in introducing 3 high quality and functional items every owner and canine companion should love:

  • Bed roll
  • Feed Bag
  • Water (feed) bowl

We tested them initially for many months and then sent off to 3 active dog owners for more rigorous testing. Just recently, the team of 3 testers (not paid, only allowed to retain the product post testing) gave of the green light for approval.

In February of 2018, we produced and will release a very small batch to the market. 27 sets plus a few extra water bowls as we are nearing hiking and camping season. We hope you procure one product or the whole set. If you do, please let us know your thoughts and post (send) pictures.


Kerry Cotter, Chief Maker and founder of Belmont Blanket

Jonathan Czinder, Oregon Tails proprietor

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