Adventure Cape

Waterproof Cape Outerwear

The Treadway and The Lele capes are our 2 outerwear offerings that utilize classic old world designs with our amazing AdventureTek fabric. Intentionally Gender neutral designs that can be work to black tie events, daily workouts, bike commuting, etc...

Note: this is not a poncho, which is an expensive garbage bag.

The Treadway Cape: We partnered with Heather Treadway, a 10 year veteran making luxury fashion capes, to co-design this masterpiece. Fully finished on the inside with details craftsmanship normally found in expensive luxury outerwear.

The LeLe takes us back to a design Kerry Cotter created prior to launching Belmont Blanket. Subsequent to the success of The Treadway cape, we partnered with Portland Apparel Lab to complete the pattern created in 2015 with enhanced usage of Pendleton wool fabrics and brass hardware and a new lighter weight AdventureTek fabric.

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