5 Activities That Require an Adventure Blanket

A traditional blanket is great for curling up on the couch, or sleeping in your tent. But blankets are typically something we have to protect from the elements. You wouldn't want to have the quilt your grandmother made you on a rainy camping trip, or getting sandy on a beach. 

There are many places that aren't a good fit for traditional blankets -- these places are where the #AdventureBlanket thrives. 

Belmont Blanket creates blankets you won't have to worry about, even in the messiest of outdoor conditions. The #AdventureBlanket was made for this... 

Muddy Car Camping

When you’re car camping, especially in the Pacific Northwest, you’re bound to find some mud. Common sense says leave the blanket in the car. But you can wrap an #AdventureBlanket around your shoulders at the campfire, without worrying about a little rain or dirt. It's easy to shake out this blanket, so you can transition from the outdoors to your tent, without bringing the dirt with you. 

Relaxing at the Beach 

Water, sand, and blankets don’t mix well. When traditional blankets absorb water they become heavy and can take forever to dry. Getting the sand out is a nightmare as well. With a fully waterproof #AdventureBlanket, that’s never an issue.


Blankets are usually too bulky for ski trips. But wouldn’t it be awesome to whip out a blanket on a sunny aprés ski scene? Wine and cheese at the top, anyone? Again, go fully waterproof and you’ll have nothing to worry about. 

Snowy hiking

On a snowy hike, a regular blanket might as well be a sponge. A wet and dirty blanket is a useless blanket, so make sure you bring the easy-to-carry #AdventureBlanket instead. You'll be grateful for a spot to have a seat and watch the sunset, after a challenging climb. 

Hot Spring Dipping

When you go to a hot spring, you’re going to get messy. From changing clothes and bathing in a natural tub, to navigating the outdoors barefoot, a blanket would usually be something you leave in the car to stay clean. The #AdventureBlanket, on the other hand, is the perfect piece of comfort to help you warm up after soaking. 

All of these adventures are great on their own. But when you add an #AdventureBlanket, you're adding more comfort and enjoyment to the whole experience. So get out there, and stay warm! 

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