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3 Pieces of Gear to Make Fishing More Fun

Kevin Long

Posted on September 07 2017

With cool weather and changing leaves come some of the best fishing conditions. We can't wait to lay out a blanket, relax on a river, and wait for those bites on our line. 

Our Legacy Blanket has waterPROOF fabric on one side, and soft Pendleton wool on the other, making it the perfect piece to add to your fishing gear. Not only will you be cozy, you'll look stylish, too. 

To get you ready for fishing season, let's take a look at some other fishing gear must-haves. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or casting your line for the very first time, these can add function and fun to your next fishing trip. 

1. Suicide Duck 

Looking to attract some seriously big game fish? These ‘ducks’ come in three different shades and were designed to be spotted from long distances. This may just be the lure that helps you hook the catch of a lifetime!

2. Freshwater Legend Elite 

As far as rods go, there are few that compete with the super lightweight, fiberglass Legend Elite. With a classic throwback look, this extremely sensitive stick is sure to give you an optimal and stylish freshwater fishing experience.

3. Tackle Tek Nomad XP 

Who wants to carry around a bulky tackle box when you can easily throw on a backpack? This ‘smart’ pack even features a rechargeable USB battery pack with optional solar panels for on-the-go charging. With the Tackle Tek Nomad XP, you’ll wonder why you ever lugged around that out-dated tackle box. 

We hope this list gets you excited to find a quiet spot on the water for some relaxation and fishing. Perhaps you'll have some new fishing gear to bring along on your next trip! 

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