5 Essential Apps for Road Tripping Adventurers

The next time you go on trip, why not skip the flight and enjoy the ride? If it's a short trip, take a detour and make it a longer one. Road trips give us access to so many beautiful and unique places that we might never discover otherwise. 

If you're itching to feel some highway wind in your hair, these apps will make your road trip even better. Pack your #AdventureBlanket and roll down the windows -- it's time to hit the highway. 

1. Roadtrippers 

If you're looking to discover something new, Roadtrippers should be your go-to app for route planning. Plug in your destination and stops you'd like to make along the way, and Roadtrippers creates a map view of your itinerary, along with suggestions of stuff to explore, which you can search for with filters like vacation rentals, spooky places, and offbeat attractions.

Once each waypoint is saved, the app offers important info about what to expect on your drive, including ETA, distance, and even a gas price estimate. 

2. The Dyrt 

With over 50,000 campground reviews in the constantly growing database, The Dyrt has the information you need if you're looking to sleep outside on your road trip. The user-generated reviews and photos offer authentic campground feedback and important information on facilities, prices, reservations, and more. With contests going on through October, users can win prizes from all kinds of awesome outdoor brands (including us!), just for adding their own campground reviews. 

3. All Trails 

After a few hours in the car, you'll be dying to move your feet. With All Trails, users can access information on more than 50,000 trails from around the world. Follow hiking favorites or create a custom trekking itinerary. As an added bonus, All Trails provides users with driving directions to trailheads that can otherwise be tricky to find.

4. Gas Buddy

This ingenious app syncs with your phone or tablet’s GPS to help you discover the cheapest gas prices nearby. On top of saving you serious cash, the app also provides peer-submitted gas station reviews; an invaluable tool when you're looking for a clean place to buy snacks or use the bathroom.

5. Sky Map 

What better way to explore the great outdoors then by getting to know the night sky above you? Sky Map allows users to identify stars, planets, and nebulae, all by looking at the screens on their phones or tablets. The dark sky has never been so fascinating! 

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