The Must-Have Packing List for Your Next Beach Camping Trip

Ready to camp next to crashing waves? Beach camping can sound like paradise. But it can go the opposite way, too, if you aren't prepared. Conditions on the coast can be especially unpredictable, and you'll need different gear than you would for traditional camping. 

Pack along these items to help make your seaside camping trip as relaxing as it sounds... 

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Battery or solar-powered radio

Because what's a day at the beach without some good tunes? Music can help you go from lounging in the sun, to dancing the night away. Or it can help you drown out the distraction of other beachgoers.  

An extra swimsuit

When the water is the main attraction, your swimsuit might struggle to keep up. Since you're camping, remember that you won't be able to throw that soggy suit in the dryer. Bring an extra so you'll never have to shimmy into a wet swimsuit. 

Life jackets 

Wearing a life jacket while boating is a law you must follow for your own safety and that of others. Even if you don't own or bring a boat, water activities can sneak up on you at the coast. If you bring your own life jackets, you can save cash on those rentals. 

Sun protection and aloe  

Don't depend on a base tan or cloud cover to protect you from the sun's damaging rays. Even if you're not one to wear SPF 80 and a hat, remember that camping at the beach is different than a few hours at the beach. You're spending more than a day out there, and you don't want the first day to leave you burnt and miserable for the remainder of your trip. Better to be extra careful so you can enjoy your camping time, the whole way through. 

No matter how careful you are, sun burns can still happen. So make sure to pack the aloe, just in case. 

A tarp for over and under your tent

Rain has a way of sneaking up on us at the beach -- especially if you don't have cell service to check the weather. Plus, there's all that water in the ocean. So there's a good chance that your stuff will get wet at some point. Tarps help keep your sleeping space and everything inside of it nice and dry. 

Nylon rope 

Make a clothesline between two trees to hang towels and swimsuits. Check the forecast first to see if you might want to hang them beneath your tarp.

Dry tinder

Forests can be far from beaches, so it's often a good idea to bring your own firewood. Keeping your firewood dry is important, so keep it off the ground and covered. 

Insect repellent

Mosquitos love water. And you probably don't love mosquitos. So don't forget your bug repellent! 

A compact, water-proof blanket 

Belmont Blankets are perfect for the beach campground. With waterPROOF material on one side and plush fleece on the other, you've got both comfort and durability that will stay clean and dry from the beach to your tent. 

When you bring the essentials, your beach camping trip will be one to remember. 

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