KN 95 Safety Mask

Workplace safety and protecting your family is of critical importance during pandemic times. Taking every step possible to prevent catching Covid 19 will help relieve pressure on our health care system and thus less healthcare workers that could get exposed.

Cotton masks and other homemade items are helpful however very limited. Properly fitting PPE combined with a material that blocks 95% of the virus molecules is one major step. Combine that with the other CDC guidelines such as hand washing and social distancing better positions you and the public to stop the spread.

Workplace Safety:

This is the next topic you should research. The Corona virus - Covid 19 is likely to be present through the balance of 2020. If you are an executive of a grocery store, public transportation, health care providers, school, restaurant, bar, factory, etc..., decision makers and human resource (HR) department should get ahead of the safety curve. Stock FDA approved PPE now or expose your workers to unsafe work environment and your entity legal actions.

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