All orders will ship December 30, 2017. We are taking a few days off and working on producing and donating blankets for people in need.

The Legacy T - Limited Edition Tan

The Legacy T - Limited Edition Tan



The Legacy - Limited Edition

Only 5 blankets have been made and available for sale.

A classic buffalo plaid blanket style that you can take or use anywhere. Outside (obviously) and a great indoor blanket throw too. A great feeling blanket that works like a wool or down blanket and can be washed and is more durable.

The tan face of the blanket looks like classic Carhartt cotton fabric however it is a super durable performance fabric. The tan face fabric is technical however the hand quite soft. Technically, it is rated 10k/10k for waterproofing and breathability.

The Legacy T - Buffalo Plaid has been enhanced by a few key technical elements. Similar to The Legacy - P (made with Pendleton wool fabric), however, we integrate a technical flannel fabric (vs Pendleton wool fabric). We are enchanted with the latest multi-function blanket.

This material is super soft yet works like wool. Just like the The Legacy - Pendleton, this blanket is also washable.

Large in size, @5'x6', you can use the blanket as ground cover or to cover up and shield from mother nature's elements. Ideal for a picnic and to put your sleeping bag on or cover up when the sky breaks with rain or the cold wind kicks up.

Carry Bag included: For a limited time, this blanket is paired (at no cost) with our #adventurebag.



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