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Dog Feed Bag

Dog Feed Bag


Brown Tartan
Black Watch Tartan

A 15 day dry kibble feed bag improves on the approach of using a freezer bag. Utilizing the unique waterproof waxed cotton we import from Scotland, we developed the ultimate roll top feed storage bag for those long travels or when you drop off your buddy and doggy day care or a friend's house.

The bag is made from waterproof waxed cotton so it will deter moisture from accessing the food without trying hard. Wax can be reapplied if wear spots occur over time on the wax coating. We have even incorporated a stainless stell G hook that is manufactured in Portland, Oregon. If you couldn't infer from the other dog products we offer, this feed bag is hand built in Portland, Oregon.

Available in 2 classic Scottish patterns: Brown and Black Watch.

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